Artist Statement

I want my constructions to reflect notions of work and play, toy and tool, installation and workshop. My constructions are largely informed by the experience of growing up in my father’s mechanic shop and the punk rock music of the 80’s. This as well as being around builders, laborers, and playing in the garage and empty construction sites. I use the problem solving and building skills of “common labor“ in a creative way that doesn’t always adhere to code.

I use common objects and often found materials to build structures that may look unstable or ad hoc. I integrate these materials into large -scale sculptures, installations or objects. I employ Improvised commonsense engineering inspired by temporary fixes that reflect constructions and “fixes” that are made out of necessity. Objects are playful but have an underlying volatile energy. Like being at a really fun party that goes horribly wrong once you’ve stayed too long. The intention is to create a combination playroom, workshop, hide out and meeting place for a revolution.

Though I make stand alone sculptures I prefer building the work on site because it allows me to inhabit and transform the space and find interesting qualities or characteristics in the architecture. The structures at times have a function and other times they simply occupy and engage the room.

Jose Krapp or I am not sorry